Alternative Curriculum

At GoWild Outdoors we are passionate about connecting everyone with the outdoors.

Our Alternative Curriculum offer is suitable for students who have been permanently or could be potentially placed in an alternative education provision or are disengaged with in the educational system. The aim of our programme is to underpin personal and social development through learning in the outdoors and providing a positive learning experience.

Our Alternative Curriculum package

Offered to small groups of young people or on a 1-to-1 basis, all are welcome who are from all backgrounds and can include those:

  • At risk of exclusion
  • Placed in a specialist school
  • Excluded from secondary school
  • Unable to attend school for medical reasons
  • Unable to attend school for mental health reasons
  • Special Education Needs (SEN)

A programme can be delivered on a weekly basis with either a half or full day session for a group of up to 7 young people. The group will be supported by one or two qualified instructors (depending on the needs and level of care required). We can attend your provision and deliver an activity programme or alternatively an offsite provision can be arranged within the local area.

How long is a session and for how long is a programme?

  • Potentially, a session can be as long as is required, although generally a session usually lasts for between 1.5hr and 2hrs.
  • Programmes can vary in length depending on outcomes.
  • They can be termly or longer.
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What can we deliver?

  • Therapeutic forest school sessions - which works on the positive mental and physical wellbeing of the individual(s) needs.
  • A curriculum of outdoor learning objectives and outcomes (not accredited) either short or long term.
  • Work towards valuable accreditation and common goals to gain an understanding of social acceptance and self-awareness to promote positive choices,
  • Facilitate accredited programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh, sports leader or the John Muir Award.


"GoWild Outdoors are very versatile in improvising to the needs of the learners at short notice."

"Our SEN and Alternative Provision Learners have really benefited from these sessions, and it is the highlight of their week. Forest School is particularly effective for our learners who do not do well in the classroom environment.
"GoWild Outdoors have always provided such engaging and exciting sessions, filled with nature experiences, and craft activities, our learners absolutely love it. I couldn't recommend it enough."
Zahra Bibi-Khaliq, RESET - Alternative Provision LeadBradford Academy Trust

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Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements, and we will be happy to provide a bespoke quote based on your information.


We can run bespoke sessions throughout the UK to cater to your needs. But our main base is in the Yorkshire region.

Group Size

Our sessions for are usually designed to accommodate groups of up to 16 depending on the circumstances and your precise needs.

What to wear

Come prepared for a day outside! Ideally wearing old clothing suitable to the weather and sturdy footwear or wellies.

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