The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award has 4 sections and allows participants to:

  • discover a wild place,
  • explore it,
  • do something to conserve it and,
  • share their experiences.


The benefits students gain, are that they are given a challenge and adventure, from being in wild places, have an environmental awareness from exploring such areas, gain knowledge and skills gained from the experience in the outdoors and involvement in conservation activities. They share their experiences with friends, colleagues and become role models. It is hoped these experiences will prompt them to further develop their skills and knowledge of the outdoors.
Whilst at its core GoWild Outdoors is nature based, the varying nature of education we deliver is diverse. Without or through accredited or facilitated programmes, we aim to connect and increase individuals to a further skill sets within an outdoor environment. We want to challenge them physically and mentally through active participation in activities such as orienteering, archery and green woodworking. We hope to teach each participants a set of real-life skills. These activities include bushcraft fire, cutting tools, water, shelter and wild food to outdoor cooking, art and craft, archery, axe throwing and a host of other activities.


At GoWild Outdoors we aim to develop participants in areas such as communication, self-esteem, and self-worth we hope to offer each individual an opportunity of personal discovery, that will help in their personal development and resilience. Overall, we want to develop skills, or achieve qualifications and accreditations that could potentially create a pathway to working outdoors or into further education etc.

To find out more please get in touch or visit The John Muir Trust website.

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