Key Stage 3

Let's give students a different way of learning - away from the rigours and stress of the normal school curriculum.

At GoWild Outdoors our Key Stage 3 programme gives students the opportunity to access an outdoor curriculum. Forest school or outdoor learning for Key Stage 3 can act as a means of enrichment with one off session or it could have a more meaningful purpose longer term, whereby a curriculum is offered so that all students are inspired in their learning and reach their full potential.

What can be delivered?

There are number of different options available options to suit the needs of the group such as:

  • Therapeutic forest school sessions - which works on the positive mental and physical wellbeing of the individual(s) needs.
  • A curriculum of outdoor learning objectives and outcomes (not accredited) either short or long term.
  • Follow a nationally recognised award such as the John Muir Award.

The John Muir Award

The John Muir Award has 4 sections and allows participants to:

  • discover a wild place,
  • explore it,
  • do something to conserve it and,
  • share their experiences.

The benefits students gain, are that they are given a challenge and adventure, from being in wild places, have an environmental awareness from exploring such areas, gain knowledge and skills gained from the experience in the outdoors and involvement in conservation activities. They share their experiences with friends, colleagues and become role models. It is hoped these experiences will prompt them to further develop their skills and knowledge of the outdoors by taking the Duke of Edinburgh Award in year 9 and beyond.

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For example, in Year 7 they could:

  • Identification of flora and fauna in the local area.
  • Construct a variety of natural shelters.
  • Learn the basics of orienteering.
  • Local Tree Identification.
  • Conservation in the local area.

For example, in Year 8 they could:

  • Safe use of a variety of tools, e.g. saws, axes, loppers, secateurs and knives for wood collection and whittling.
  • Cooking with no trace fires, Kelly kettles and Trangia’s.
  • Navigation in the local area using map and compass.
  • Woodland challenges including stream crossings and how to move safely and with stealth through the forest etc.

How will pupils be assessed?

Pupils will be observed in completing part of the skills as outlined in the John Muir Award. They will discover a wild place, explore it, do something to conserve it and share their experiences.

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Group Size

Our sessions for are usually designed to accommodate groups of up to 16 depending on the circumstances and your precise needs.

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