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Corporate Packages

Corporate Team Building Options

Our team-building days are designed to give you a breath of fresh air, and a short escape from the confines of your office, and are held in a location suitable and convenient for you. By taking your team out of its comfort zone, you’ll see the group dynamic in a completely new light!

Bushcraft Package

Available all year round - Full Day

About the day

GoWild Outdoors will show you the key methods of bushcraft and survival with fire lighting, including fire by friction, introduce you to carving skills, build natural shelters in the woods, and look at the natural world around us. Whilst there is an element of instruction and safety the course aims to give you the chance to show off your newly found skills through practical sessions throughout.

The afternoon is where you will bring your knowledge and teamwork together. Working in small groups with limited resources you will be required to work through scenarios that will not only test your woodland skills but ask you to find the resources necessary, in nature and yourselves, to achieve your aims. Only with good communication, problem resolution, information sharing and commitment to the desired outcome will you win through.

Flexible packages

All corporate days are fully catered to and are designed to suit your specific needs as a company.

Packages will be designed to incorporate activities that reflect the best interest of the day and sit in line with your objectives as a team.

With time for reflection and feedback throughout the day, there are invaluable opportunities to support and encourage your staff and managers and use the team-building experience as a platform for future development.

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GoWild Outdoors aims to provide a different day that will allow all participants to:

  • Engage with fun, engaging and challenging experiences that are constructively delivered in a supportive, reflective and professional.
  • Build upon new and existing peer relationships that will support the working environment.
  • Use communication and team-building tasks to effectively work through thought-provoking activities and develop interpersonal and communication skills.

Archery & Axes Package

Available all year round - Half Day

What's included?

  • Archery Experience
  • Axe Throwing Experience

Activity 1 - Archery

Our have a go archery session will equip you with basic archery skills, getting you familiar and comfortable with a recurve bow and arrow, and getting you to fire those arrows into your target. The experience begins with your instructor giving the group a full safety briefing. The first important thing you’ll learn is to get your stance right and to hold the bow properly. Once you’ve got those all-important basics down, it’s all about focus – and a steady hand – as you fire those arrows at the target, hitting the bulls-eye. Your instructors will be beside you throughout the experience, to help you with any difficulties you have.

Activity 1 - Axe Throwing

After your archery experience, you will head over to the Axe throwing range. You’ll kick off with a safety brief and then learn the techniques of how to throw an axe. Firstly you will use a small double-headed spear pointed axe and then when you have the hang of throwing your axe you will move up to the mighty American Tomahawk Axe. Channel your inner warrior with this axe throwing experience. Our coaches will teach you to throw your axe safely and accurately.

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There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting those archery and axe target boards!

  • Duration of 2 to 3 hours (depending on group size)
  • No open toe shoes are permitted
  • Hair must be tied back
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

Bushcraft, Archery, & Axes Package

Why not combine all 3! - Available all year round - Full Day

What's included?

  • Bushcraft Experience
  • Archery Experience
  • Axe Throwing Experience

About the day

Start your morning by getting your team to work together by learning the key methods of bushcraft and survival with fire lighting, including fire by friction, build natural shelters and using other equipment. Use your newly found skills to make lunch (optional) for you and your team on the fire.

Followed by an afternoon of Archery and Axe Throwing for you and your team to come together and compete against one another.

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Important Information

  • Full day duration (times TBC)
  • No open toe shoes are permitted
  • Hair must be tied back
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

Corporate Walk Packages

Available all year round - Full day

We can offer professionally tailored walks for businesses, organisations and community groups, covering a wide range of diverse interests, ages and abilities. We can take you out for a gentle well-being nature walk and learn about the landscape surround you, or introduce you maps and map reading for novices with little or no experience of navigation or challenge your team to a walking and skills challenge.

Whatever, you want for you and your team here are some of the things we do:

  • Tailored Well-being Nature Walks for a Team Day Out
  • Basic Navigation ‘Discovery Days’ for Small Teams (Novice or Intermediate)
  • Corporate Challenge
  • Team Building Survival Skills Walks
  • Guiding for Hotels and Holiday Companies

Fabulous walking locations

Based near the beautiful dales, moors and reservoirs of the Yorkshire Dale, we can walk in the most accessible upland area of the UK. We can also guide in the Lake District, Peak District and North Wales.

A wealth of experience

With our fully qualified walking group leaders with full liability insurance. We are DBS checked and hold first aid and mental first aid certificates. Our approach is friendly and considerate to your needs and aspirations, irrespective of age or ability.

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Important Notices

  • We normally guide a maximum of 8 – 12 people per guide, depending on party ability and location.
  • For bespoke walks where significant administration is involved, we may need to charge extra but we will clarify this with you before you book.
  • For walks outside the Southern Yorkshire Dale, we may need to charge expenses for travel, accommodation or special requests but will clarify this with you before you book.

Price Guide

Prices per guide are from:

  • £175 per day for Guided Walks
  • £200 – £225 per day for Challenge or Team Building Survival Skills Walks (depending on length – we’ll discuss costs with you when you contact us)
  • £200 – £225 per day Basic Navigation ‘Discovery Days’

Please note: these prices are for guidance only.

Archery Tag Packages

Available all year round - Full day

What is Archery Tag all about?

Archery Tag similar to dodgeball but instead of using a ball you’re using our bows and patented foam-tipped arrows. This is an exciting, action packed game that offers the ultimate experience that engages everyones!

Who wants to attend another boring team building event, or a birthday party where the children can’t run off some steam?! Archery Tag is high energy and gets the team working together to take down the opposing team.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to move quickly. This game is suitable for everyone and is an excellent way to break the ice.

Archers, take aim and fire in this fantastic team building event!

The Rules

Standard Game Play, Elimination. (All size pitches):

  • All bows and arrows are lined up in the safe zone. When the game begins all players will need to rush to get their bows and gather as many arrows as possible. Once the player has returned to the attack zone they are able to start shooting.
  • The rules are similar to dodgeball. A player is out if they:
    • Are hit on any area of the body by an opposing players arrow
    • Players equipment is hit by an opposing players arrow (mask, arrow, bow)
    • If a player catches a bow that was shot at them in mid-air, the shooter is then out.
  • A player can return to the game if:
    • Their team mate catches another player out
    • Their team mate knocks out one of their targets
  • The winning team is the team who eliminates all the opposing team players first, if not all members have been eliminated within a time period of 10 minutes the winning team is the team that has the most players still in play.
  • If the teams have the same number of players in play the game will go to sudden death. All players will get 1 arrow each, the first team to make a successful hit is the winning team.

Archery tag uses foam tipped arrows and combines archery and dodgeball to make one fun and energetic activity. Each player will be given a real bow and instructed on its use before going head-to-head with another team!
learnt to good use.

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"GoWild Outdoors hosted a group of 14 of us for a fantastic afternoon of team building activities. All instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and helped everyone get to grips with bushcraft and survival skills. Highly recommend!"

Tom Baines - Head of Client Services


Public events, Fun Days, Festivals, Weddings, & more!

Our standard activities of archery and axe throwing are ideal for all the family, making them the perfect entertainment at a festival or fete, dog show, country fayre, music events, food festivals, open days, and more!

If you have the space for us to safely deliver our activities, we can provide fully qualified, insured, and uniformed staff and equipment; giving your event the novelty of something different that people will enjoy and want to come back for!

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Find out more about the activities we can offer!

We are keen to support local events happening within our local community and charitable events. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Get in touch now, and find out how much fun your team can muster! Book to rebuild connections, and make stronger lasting relationships with your team!


Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will provide a bespoke quote based on your information.


We can run our corporate packages and team building days throughout the UK to cater to your business or event, but our main base is in Yorkshire.

What to bring

Come prepared for a day outside! Ideally wearing walking boots or wellies, and waterproofs.

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